Vastu Shastra was created many years ago, sometime between 6000-3000 BC and says that earth, water, air, wind and fire, i.e. the five fundamental factors, are responsible for our formation, and affect everything that happens. This principle forms the foundation of the cosmic principles explained in Vastu Shastra. These principles can help you move away from negative energy and enter a life which brims with positivity. However, applying these Vastu principles is not limited just to the design of the house. Several other factors like surrounding places and plot direction perform their parts in determining the Vastu of your property.

It's a little difficult to implement all the principles and rules of Vaastu in a house/building already built, although it's possible. But if you are going to begin a new building then it can be proved more accessible and beneficial to take care of Vaastu rules or plot activation or land/ building activation.

Some Basic Points You Must Check When Buying a Plot as per Vastu

vastu for plot
  • Surroundings of the plot: Surroundings of the plots should be taken care of. There could be many factors that can bring happiness or sorrow. Like- Plots surrounded by plants, trees and greeneries are auspicious.
  • Take care of roads near your plot: A plots having the road in north or east direction are auspicious. As this cause more space in this direction which is good to have positive energy through sunlight.
  • Plot near Public Place: If you are going to buy a residenshial plot near any public place like- school, hospital, temple or college etc, then it's not good as per Vaastu. Because such places can face the problems like- lack of peace, concentration etc. But, public places around 200 Meter away from the plot, will not affect the Vaastu of the plot.
  • Northeast of the plot: Northeast is the direction which the morning sunlight comes to you from, which is a great source of positive energy. And Vaastu suggests that there should be no huge buildings, bridge or any other obstacles in the northeast direction, near to your plot
  • South of the plot: If the south of your plot is heavy, it's good. Things like hillocks, mounds of earth, huge buildings etc in the southern make it heavy which is good according to Vaastu.
  • Vaastu Remedies

    Vastu provides the knowledge and the principles to be adopted while in Land & Building activation Residential property activation, Industrial property activation, as well as Farm or Spiritual property activation; so as to make the property happy, healthy and wealthy.

    Pyramid Vastu Shastra also helps to create prosperous and secure surroundings. A pyramid is a source of cosmic power. If your site has any Vastu defect, pyramid plate will harmonise the energy filed of your property in a positive way but it should be used in a proper way in the guidence of a professional vastu consultant.