Fix an Appointment

Anyone can take an Appointment with Dr. Rashmi Jain for brief discussion on layout plan, maps, rough drafts or to discuss all other queries related to Vastu Shastra including Vastu for plots, flats, Kothi, farm houses, shops, factories, offices and all other residential as well as Commercial properties. Our Meeting may be held at our office, at your home place or at your architect's office which is nearer and convenient to both of us. Each such meeting shall be a paid assignment and the charges shall depend on the accompanying factors:

  • Location of meeting spot
  • Nature of the Project site i.e. is it a house, flat, Kothi, farm house, workshop, factory, office, shopping mall, showroom, banquet hall etc.
  • Size of the total plot area and the built-up area
  • Arrange a Site Visit

    You can arrange a site-visit with Dr. Rashmi Jain for vastu consultation on proposed layout plan. You can also take on-site vastu tips for an already constructed sites like vastu for a flat's, Kothi's, farm house, shops, factories, offices etc.

    In order to Arange meeting please send your message through our Contact us format or one may directly call Dr. Rashmi Jain on phones - +91 - 9971105440