God created directions to describe location of deferent objects this universe. A story regarding the creation of directions can be found in the 21st chapter of Varasha Purana There was no support of magnitude to the universe. when it was formed. There was a need for measure to understand the position of each thing in the universe.

Thus 10 directions were formed. Among them there are four main directions i.e. North (Uttar), East (Purva), West (Paschim) and South (Dakshin) and four sub directions North-East (lshaanya), South-East (Aagneya), North-West (wayavya) and South-West (Nairutya) remaining two are Hell and Heaven. This is of course a mythological reference; it does, not have any connection to any religion. These 10 directions are providing perfect direction to the mankind in locating each everything in these universals.

The name of the direction itself suggests the nature of the direction. For example, East (Purva) means just grade, West (Paschim) means after i.e. coming afterwards; North (Uttara) means where there is an answer to everything. South (Dakshin) means slowly weakening, North-East (Ishaanya) ' means God, place for water element. South-East (Aagneya) means the place for fire element and North-West (Wayavya) means the place for Air element, and South-West (Nairutya) means the Nairuti (Demon) region of negative energies.

East (Purva) :


This direction is governed by lord Indra and he is known to be the king of Gods. He bestows wealth and pleasures of life.

South-East (Angneya) :

This direction is governed by lord of fire- Agni. He gives us good personality and all good things of life. Fire is a source of health as it is related to fire, cooking and food.

South (Dakshin) :

This direction is of Yama, the god of death. He is manifestation of dharma, and eradicates evil forces and bestows good things. It is a source of wealth, crops and pleasure.

South-West (Nairutyaa) :

This direction is directed by Niruti, the god who protects us from evil foes. It is a source of character, demeanor, case of longevity and death.

West (Paschima) :

This direction is directed by Lord Varun, the lord of rains. He bestows his blessings in the form of natural water-rain, brings prosperity and pleasures of life.

North-West (Wayavya) :

This place is directed by lord Vayu and he brings on us good health, strength and long life. It is a source of change in course of business, friendship and enmity.

North (Uttara) :

This direction is governed by Kuber, the god of wealth.

North-East (lshaanya) :

This place is a supervised by lord Eeshaan, and is a source of wealth, health and success. He brings us wisdom, knowledge and relieves us from all miseries and mishaps.