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Company Profile – My Vaastu

My Vaastu is a company based in Delhi focused on services related to Vaastu Shastra. It is an organization that is fully devoted to provide 100% result-oriented vaastu solutions and the development of Vaastu shastra. We have taken every step to bring the Vedic culture of our country by specializing in this science and help people to live in harmony with nature. My Vaastu combines both knowledge and practicality as essential tools to deliver the best for which each of our customers will always be proud of.

Vaastu is a science of arranging the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and sky in complete harmony. As per the vaastu experts, the fundamental principle of this science can add value to a man's life. There is a scientific reasoning behind every guideline of vaastu that aims to offer a convenient and more organized life to each individual. If you face any kind of problem in your health, wealth or peace of mind, you can bring a lot of improvement and peace in your life by making a few changes in your house. My Vaastu helps their clients by providing easy solution at nominal cost. We prefer corrections without any demolition.

People from across the country choose My Vaastu to find solutions for their problems related to vaastu. They can solve their vaastu defects at nominal cost by making changes in the rooms, rearrangement of the interiors or placement of some objects. Our expert vaastu professional provides services for residential, commercial, educational and spiritual projects throughout the year 24x7. Besides, instant access worldwide is available for getting accurate remedial solutions. We have thousands of trusted clients including celebrities, businessmen and reputed firms. One of the great advantages of choosing My Vaastu is that we guarantee complete privacy to our clients.

Dr. Rashmi Jain – Our chief Vaastu consultant

Dr Rashmi Jain is the chief consultant of My Vaastu. She is among the most prominent and efficient vaastu consultants in the country with a PhD and PGDVSM, VV(Advance Vastu) in Vaastu Shastra. With her intuition and expertise in this science, she can predict the present situation of various aspects of their client’s life after analyzing their existing house or office plan. In addition to a well-known vaastu professional, she is a researcher also in the sphere of interior designing and vaastu planning.

Dr. Rashmi is highly skilled to find effective solutions for the most demanding problems of her clients with deep understanding of vaastu and her intuitive power. She can analyze the energies of a place using her expertise and amazing insight and create the most prosperous and harmonious environments be it your home, office, restaurants, hotels, land site or any other place. Dr Rashmi Jain is skilled enough to analyze the existing house plan and tell the present situation of different aspects of your life. She helps her clients to live in harmony with nature through the science of vaastu. Through vaastu principles, she helps them to stay away from negative vibrations and receive positive energies.

Make your house an ideal abode with vaastu

My vaastu helps people to make their house an ideal abode by incorporating vaastu principles. It is the dream of everybody to hope for the best always and pray for prosperity, peace and calmness in their homes. Praying and staying positive is important for all of you but at the same time what else you can be done to attract positivity and peace and achieve your life goals? Here comes the importance of vaastu. The fundamentals of this traditional and ancient form of Indian architecture can circle around different sources of energies including celestial and solar energies. Our highly professional and experienced vaastu consultants bring success and peace to you and your family members by balancing these energies.

For a healthy and energetic workforce

More and more employers look for ways to maximize their productivity and promote a healthy and energetic workforce. They are also keen to reduce long term sickness of their employees and minimize absenteeism. It is no surprise that for the corporate world, Vaastu Shastra is becoming the latest secret weapon. Through this science, employers can improve the quality of their products or services by analyzing and influencing the interaction between people. My Vaastu help employers and businessmen to sort out their specific problems by suggesting reliable solutions. We aim to bring wealth and prosperity in the best possible way.

It is important to have a well-balanced working environment in order to maximize the potential for success. An efficient vaastu consultant can create a well-balanced working environment and make ideal physical space to enhance the level and effectiveness of creativity and support the goals of the business with less stress and minimum effort. A vaastu expert can improve the potential success of the company so that it can bring great implications for the individual staff members and their aspirations and aims. Our skilled vaastu experts help corporate clients and businessmen to redirect the hidden energies in their office and workplace by the application of vaastu so that they can act to achieve the goals of the company.

Be it your home or office, the application of vaastu is helpful to redirect the hidden energies and make it a better place. Vaastu energy supports your business by creating comfortable and healthy workstations. It helps to create an efficient flow of interaction between and among employees, vendors, customers and guests. When it comes to your home, vaastu takes into the design, layout and measurements to create an aura of peace and harmony at home. This helps to make your house an ideal home. People who ensure to construct their home in accordance with vaastu preferences can keep away all the negative energies. The same concept is also true when you move into a new house. What all you need to do is to take the assistance of a vaastu consultant from My Vaastu and make a few little alignments and arrangements of the items to your house to give it a ‘vaastu touch’.

Services of My Vaastu

Everybody wants to make their life simpler and peaceful. For that, they follow the rules and principles of vaastu and seek the help of an expert in this field in order to ensure the vaastu shastra compliance. We provide the following services for our clients:

Vaastu solutions for Residential House

More than a place to live, a home is an indication of one’s identity and an extension of his or her mental space. A house needs to radiate the right kind of energy to become a home and each home comes with its own energy type. Our vaastu consultant can find out the energy type and the link between the healing arts of vaastu to bring positivity and good vibes to your home. The meaning of vaastu is dwelling and we try to make each home for God and humans by adjusting different energies and bringing prosperity, peace and achievements. The different areas which our vaastu services cover include vaastu for bedroom, drawing, kitchen, pooja room, stairs, study room, living room and balcony.

Vaastu for commercial

If you are planning to open an office with new hopes after investing a lot of money, it requires proper analysis to get the right orientation for your business house. A good vaastu expert like My Vaastu can analyze your property and keep the flow of wealth in good position. By following the Vaastu principles, you can make your business successful, make the office environment positive and serene, tackles staff and clears all the obstacles coming in the business.

My Vaastu consultant helps you by making your office vaastu shastra friendly by considering the principles of layout, design, spatial geometry and space arrangement. We help our clients to get a brief analysis for the harmonious vaastu for your office or workplace for its stability and enhancement of luck. Vaastu principles may not be followed during the construction of multi-storied complexes and most of the business owners think for the maximum utilization of the space and value of their price. We provide vaastu services for such commercial areas like Malls, offices, shops, organizations like schools, hospitals, clinics, hotels, restaurants, banks, marriage halls, multiplexes and commercials complexes.

Vaastu for industry

Vaastu plays an important role for the effective functioning of industry business. Application of the right vaastu principles helps to gain advantage over their competitor and provide the winning edge over the rivals. Besides, it can improve the working environment in many ways and encourage healthy working relationships among employees. My vaastu helps industrialists and factory owners to bring harmony within the industry with forces of nature. Vaastu for industries are not just for the growth of business but for the benefits of the staffs working in it. It helps to make a stress-free environment and promotes work satisfaction and overall development in the industry. We help you to increase the productivity and bring prosperity to your business.

In India, most of the industries are located in a huge piece of land in the outskirts of cities. Industrial areas also need an attractive place for their staff and visitors to sit or walk during their leisure time. Industry owners can expect outstanding results including the progress of both the owners and employees if their units are constructed by following the vaastu principles. When it comes to vaastu for industries, some of the most important aspects to be considered are the entrance of the unit, placement of the machineries and the sitting directions of the employees. If you are planning to set up an industry or open a factory, then it would be best to contact the vaastu consultant of My Vaastu. A consultation with Dr. Rashmi Jain will help you to provide a tremendous growth and multiple your industry business volume and enjoy an all-round improvement in your finance.

Vaastu in daily life

You need to work hard in order to increase your wealth and to be prosperous. However, you cannot be rich only with hard work. For that you also need good energy and good luck from everywhere and everything around you. A tiny vaastu defect in your home or workplace can obstruct your progress no matter how much you earn or try to cut down your expenses. Like prosperity, people love to stay happy and live a more fulfilling life. Everybody desires for a life full of prosperity, positivity, passion and light. To achieve all these things and to have a healthy and happy home, it is important to follow the vaastu principles.

If the flow of positive energy in your house is out of balance, it will affect the happiness in the family. Vaastu has influenced people all the time and not many people know that this science suggests some favorable directions for sleeping, meditation and even for studying. Vaastu Shastra can ignite deep feelings and romance in couples and help to maintain a more enjoyable and fruitful relationship. My Vaastu, one of the pioneer vaastu consultants in India has gained expertise in Vaastu solutions and remedies. We tapped into the science and principles of Vaastu Shastra for the betterment of people. Of course, a correct vaastu can bring a lot of positivity in your life.

My Vaastu derives effective vaastu remedies and solutions after analyzing different aspects of your property be it a home, office, factory or a land site. We deliver best services and products to our clients at nominal cost. One of the main reasons for the popularity of My Vaastu is that we recommend remedies and solutions as per vaastu without making any demolition, reconstruction or structural changes. We make a detailed analysis after observing the property and offer you solutions and remedies. Our Vaastu consultant, Dr. Rashmi Jain is a trained professional who has the skill and expertise for implementing the techniques and principles of Vaastu Shastra. She has years of experience in conducting Vaastu analysis and predicting outcome.

In order to consult My Vaastu expert, what you need to do is to dial our number +91 - 9971105440 or fill in your details at Our vaastu consultant will contact you or visit your home or workplace and guide you with the right vaastu solutions and remedies after the analysis of the property.

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We provide services for commercial, residential, spiritual and educational projects.
We provide an easy vastu solutions at Nominal cost.
Dr. Rashmi is amongst very few consultants in Delhi Ncr who have expertise in corrections without demolitions.
She has achieved expeditious qualifications from the most prominent institutes of India.

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