Vastu For Positive Energy


In today's world of economic stress, competition and tensions everyone needs a place to recharge. Qualities of persons like inner strength, calmness and positive energy tremendously help in fighting the challenges in the world. Our home, which is our refuge every day can help us in regenerating positive energy and the principals of vastu shastra give us actionable items we could perform to bring energy in our homes

In Vastu Shastra we have a lot of tips to do from which you can easily bring positive energy to your home.

  • In case you have any heavy thing in-front of your entrance door, remove it.
  • If the kitchen is in North East direction, then shift it to South east.
  • If there is any heavy material or thing in North East, East, or North then shift it to South West direction in your home.
  • Have air and light entrance from North East and North West Direction.
  • Always keep the head in South direction while sleeping.
  • If there is bed beneath a beam, it is better to remove it.
  • In construction of your house building, do not use any material from any other building's material.
  • There should not be any pillar, well or swamp in front of entrance door.
  • Do not make trash in-front of your house.
  • Do not sleep under beam or ladder steps.
  • Do not sleep in room having lot of corners.
  • Do not live in basement.
  • If the doors are noisy or work on their own, repair them.
  • Do not make holy place beneath stairs.
  • Do not make large holy place for a big gathering, it is not really suggested.
  • their should not be kitchen door in-front of entrance door, not even the gas or stove.
  • the doors of restroom and kitchen should not face each other.
  • Restroom in North East direction or beneath stairs is not recommended because it effects the health of people and also restricts wealth.
  • Positive Energy
  • Do not make toilet and store room adjoining, it will make your stomach upset.
  • If there is a big tree or something which restricts sun rays, try to make it like that so it should not make any shadow.
  • Do not have any Vines type or climbing type of plants to grow on wall.
  • Do not have any broken glass in house not even use them.
  • Do not discuss for your business or work.
  • If on entrance, there is any broken or cracked stairs, repair it.
  • Do not have a huge bundle of unused things for too much time.
  • If possible put on a used Black horse's Shoe on the entrance.
  • If there is any beam above any sitting place of bedroom, you can use false ceiling.
  • to have Energing, positive and goog relations, use crystals in drawing room.
  • Do not make any holy place i bedroom. If there is cover it while sleeping.
  • Have holy place in North East, East or North direction your house.
  • If there is any bore feeling in drawing room, use scented air fresheners.
  • Electronic or any entertainment material should be in Soth East, West or North West corner.
  • Do not have stove or gas in North direction, It will increase the expenditure.