Vastu consultants in Sweden

Vastu consultants in Sweden

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India is a place where the use of Vastu Shastra for building houses, offices, or business is normal practice. In many countries, people are noticing the positive effect of Vastu Shastra. Due to this reason, they have started following the best Vastu tips provided by Vastu experts for the improvement of Vastu on their property. Dr. Rashmi Jain is one of the Best Vastu Experts in India who serve the vastu related query as per client needs in Sweden or anywhere in world.

The main purpose of Vastu shastra is to provide balance in life. Shastra means science or teaching. Vastu shastra describes that the whole universe holds the five essential elements earth, water, air, space, and fire within itself. Among all the other planets, our earth contains life energy due to the existence of the five elements.

Vastu Shastra unites science and astrology; it is known as the mystic science of ancient times for designing houses and office buildings.

Vastu Tips for the Home in Sweden

When we think about owning a house, the first thing that comes to our mind is to create a place where everyone can live happily and peacefully. According to Vastu consultants, Positive energy creates happiness and a peaceful environment in the house.  
Vastu experts use the knowledge of Vastu shastra to enhance positive energy and to block negative energy.

  • Avoid the use of metal for bookshelves installed in the northeast direction.
  • Use bookshelves built out of wood.
  • Children's bedroom entrances should always open clockwise. And avoid the use of a signboard at the door as it generates negative energy and symbolizes a broken relationship between parent and children.
  • According to the Vastu consultant, the sink should be on the East, North, or North-East segment of the room.
  • Always keep your bathroom doors closed when not in use to avoid the flow of negative energy.
  • Vastu experts suggest having an entrance door made out of firm wood.
  • Use color symbolizing love to paint the walls of your home.

Vastu Tips for the Office and Business in Sweden

It is most important to follow Vastu's tips to build an office area as this is where people make names for themselves they earn money and fame. Sometimes people start losing their clients due to the change in the office location. According to a Vastu expert, the reason behind this is the formation of a wrong structure. However, the problems can be solved by implementing Vastu shastra tips.

  • The best Vastu experts advise that the northeast part is the most suitable for executives.
  • According to Vastu shastra, water is believed to be the most powerful element. Vastu experts say the continuous flow of water symbolizes the easy flow of wealth.
  • Install an aquarium or water fountain in your office in the north or east direction to increase the flow of money.
  • Avoid beams in the office as they cause pressure on the mind of the staff.
  • According to Vastu experts, the most suitable location for field members is the north-western section of the office.
  • The office facing east is considered the best.
  • Avoid any violent images in the office area as it causes negativity

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