Vastu consultants in Bhubaneswar

Vastu consultants in Bhubaneswar

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Now a day’s every people would like to plan their houses, offices, and business structure, according to Vastu. Bhubaneswar is the city of temples in India. With more than 500 temples located, the city has the liveliest religious environment. Due to the religious environment, there has been a rise in demand for Vastu consultants in Bhubaneswar. There have been many fake Vastu consultants claiming to be experts in the industry.

In this blog, I will share the Best Vastu consultant for people living in Bhubaneswar. Dr.Rashmi Jain is one of the Best Vastu Consultant in Bhubaneswar to solve your any Vastu query for Home, Office, Business etc. Vastu comes from the Sanskrit word Vaas, which means a place where you live. Vastu helps people to achieve a balance between space and natural energy. When Vastu tips provided by the Vastu experts are applied during the construction of buildings, it can bring success and peace implementation for the residence of building. Correct Vastu tips can also be helpful for business, office, and house as it contributes to building success and positive force of nature energy.

Vastu Tips for Office and Business

The success of any business depends on its environment. According to the best Vastu consultant in Bhubaneswar, always keep your surroundings peaceful with the flow of positivity.

  • The company owner should always sit while facing North, East, or North-East direction. It helps in financial growth.
  • It is crucial to buy Shermukhi plots and land for offices. Shermukhi means a wide area at the beginning and a narrow area at the end of the field.
  • North, northeast, or northwest is the best direction for the construction office building.
  • Always keep your office entrance gates facing east or north to draw positivity. 
  • Blue, green, shades of orange and yellow colours are suggested for the office by Vastu experts.
  • Always keep the middle section of the office empty.
  • Make sure your employees are working while facing north or east.
  • Build a conference room in the northwest part of the office.
  • If any office has an aquarium, keep 9 goldfish and 1 blackfish in the northeast direction.

Vastu Tips for Home

To maintain a peaceful environment in your home. It is crucial to construct your home with the help of the Vastu consultant.

  • East direction is the best direction for the main entrance of the house. Sun rises from the east and thus brings positive energy into your home through the main gate.
  • Build your kitchen in the southeast part of the home, as it is considered the best direction. Make sure to never construct a kitchen in front of the main gate of your home.
  • Vastu shastra advises building a bathroom in the North West section of any home.
  • South-western direction is the best part to build a bedroom of the home.
  • Your mirrors in the house should not be placed opposite the bed as this drains the energy.
  • Bring happiness to your house by installing happy pictures of your family in the northeast section.
  • Avoid keeping any damaged clock in the house.
  • Place mirrors in front of the cash locker to generate wealth.
  • Keep the center of the house empty or with light furniture to get a better flow of positive energy

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