Vastu Purusha (The Spirit of the Building)

Vastu Purusha (The Spirit of the Building)

1. Each building has a living force which is called Vastu purusa. It can be described as the "spirit of the building".

2. Vastu Purusa is perceived as a male figure tightly arrange into the grid of the Mandukapadam or 64-part modula.

3. It is said that the divinity named Arya is his head, that Savindra is his right arm and Savindra his (right) hand, that Apa and Apavastsa ara his left arm and (left) hand, that vivasvast is his right side and Madhindra his left, that in the middle his trunk is Brahma, that his testicles are Mitra, that his right floor (and leg) are Indra and Indraja and his face to the ground; his six bones, oriented to the East and North, are in the middle (centre) of the site. In the centre of the site are found the vulnerable point and the heart which is Brahma and it is from there that the veins start. Thus the spirit is described.

4. If a building constructed according to the vaastu Purusa/Vaastu pad vinyas, this is always beneficial for everybody.

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