Vastu consultants in Varanasi

Vastu consultants in Varanasi

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Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in India and is a chief center for the Hindu and Buddhist religions (it is the site of pilgrimages to the holy Ganges River). The city was apparently founded in approximately the 7th century B.C.Varanasi is well-known for the bathing Ghats alongside the banks of river Ganga. Pilgrims throng these Ghats to take a holy dip to clean themselves in their sins. It is a place where tradition meets modernity. Dr. Rashmi Jain is one of the best and top Vastu Consultants at Varanasi. With the appearance of few best Vastu experts, it has now emerged as a blessing in developing homes, offices, and corporations wealthy over time.
Vastu Shastra is the Indian science of space and architecture and how we may create space and environment that assist physical and spiritual health and prosperity.
Vastu Shastra is evolved from Vedic times in India. The concept of vastu Shastra is transferred from Tibet and finally transferred to china and Japan where is provided the base for development of what is now called Feng Shui.
Texts from the Indian subcontinent describe ideas of design, layout, measurements, floor preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry. Vastu Shastras contain conventional Hindu and (in a few cases) Buddhist beliefs. The designs purpose to integrate architecture with nature, the relative functions of numerous components of the structure, and ancient beliefs utilizing geometric patterns (yantra), symmetry, and directional alignments.
It is said that Mayan is the father of Vastu Shastra. Mayan is also called “Mamuni Mayan”. Vastu Shastra becomes previously acknowledged as “Maya Vastu” or “Mayamatam”. Some historic sections of fiction also assert that “Viswa Karma” created the conventional production organisation Vastu Shastra. Viswa Karma is also known as God’s Chief Architect for dwelling structures. Both the testimonies are legendary sages.
The vastu shastra is work for bounded premise, i.e a house, building, commerciallocation or shop. The foremostpurpose is to form a stabilityamong the out of doors and atmosphere and atmosphere with in the premises.
 Vastu shastra makes of 5 elements

  • Prithvi ( earth)
  • Agni ( fire )
  • Tej ( light)
  • Vayu ( wind )
  • Akash (Ether), the Earth magneticfields i.e the north and south pole of the sun’s Ray.

Vastu Tips for Home

Here are a few simple Vastu tips you can follow at home effortlessly:

    • Since the Main door is the entry for the energies in the house, keep it clean and decorated for attracting wealth.
    • The color purple represents wealth, subsequently portray the walls of the house purple could be beneficial. If repainting the walls is difficult, you could preserve a money plant in a purple colored pot as a substitute.
    • The cash locker or almirah in which you keep the cash need to be stored in the South or South-West wall of the house, so it opens as much as the North of the house.
    • A very common Vastu perception is that retaining a flute in the residence continues away financial issues. If you’re dealing with issues together along with your education or career, placing 2 flutes may be beneficial.

Vastu Tips for Business and Office

Here’re some tips to follow for the success of your business and office.

    • If you’re searching out a land or plot to your office, factory or any other business structures, go for Shermukhi plots.
    • Office building should face north, north-east or north-west direction because it brings top good fortune and positive energy.
    • North direction is likewise called the direction of the lord of wealth. It will assist you in accelerating economic profits, as well.
    • Welcome room of business houses have to be positioned in the east direction or the north-east corner.
    • Marketing and sales specialists have to sit in the north-west direction, in a manner that the seat should face the north-east direction to make sure professionals are more proactive at work.

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