Best Vastu consultants in Switzerland

Best Vastu consultants in Switzerland

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When Vaastu Science is combined with your birth chart, you get a unique and powerful chart that reveals how your environment affects you based on your birth chart. It is not recommended that you read your birth chart independently. Your Remedies become more complete and hopeful with an Astro Vaastu reading and remedies given for your chart. People who search for Best Vastu Consultants in Switzerland can approach My Vaastu as we provide long distance consultation for them. Dr. Rashmi Jain, the chief Vastu consultant of My Vaastu, will provide you best Vastu tips in Switzerland for your Home, Office, and Business etc.
Then, with the guidance of an expert Vastu consultant, one should hunt for a holistic answer to one's problems using Astro Vaastu remedies.

According to Vastu experts, direct sunshine is necessary for the home's overall well-being. Sunlight not only brightens your home, but it also destroys any pathogens or negativity that may be there. To avoid a clash of energies, leave open spaces in all corners and avoid having common walls with another property. Let the sun shine into the houses!

Are you constantly negative in your home?

Then gather some stones and construct stone pyramids to rectify vastu flaws and eliminate negative energy from your property. Stone pyramids can be used as a focal point in the home or in Pooja rooms. Enjoy the glory of stone pyramids!

Vastu Tips

  • Plants' vital energy also eliminates all negative energy. A rich bowl placed in the north direction of the house can bring good fortune. Three Chinese Feng Shui coins should be strung together in a riches bowl.
  • With a crimson ribbon and a few grains of rice in a crystal dish, the bowl should be broader at the top than it is at the bottom, and it should be stored in a cabinet. Other ornamental items those are positive in nature
  • Having fresh flowers in your home will bring you good luck. Gather some vibrant flowers and put them in a container. Place this vase in the centre of your table.
  • Hanging an artistic tiny lamp in the hallway will bring happiness into your life.
  • Placing dog figurines at your front door will protect you from evil spirits.
  • Adding little waterfalls to your property serves as a good luck charm.
  • Vastu Tips for Home-

    • The primary entrance to your home should be towards north, east, or northeast.
    • The furniture in such room should be oriented toward the west or southwest. This will ensure that your home does not have any Vastu dosh.
    • Bedrooms should be towards the southwest direction for excellent health and happy relationships. The northeast should be avoided at all costs.
    • The kitchen must be built on the home's southeast side. When designing a kitchen, stay away from the north, northeast, and southwest sides of the house. Kitchen appliances should also be oriented toward the southeast.

     Vastu Tips for Office/Business-

    • The office's entrance should be in the north, north-east, or north-west directions. These directions are said to be auspicious and offer good fortune. The north direction is also known as the Lord of Wealth's direction. It will also assist you in increasing your financial profits.
    • The reception area of any office should be constructed in the direction of the north-east or east.
    • The receptionist must be situated with her back to the north or east.
    • The logo or company profile should be displayed on the reception area's southern wall. The greeting table should also be located diagonally to the office's front door, according to Vastu.

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