Best Vastu Consultants in Surat

Best Vastu Consultant in Surat

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VastuShastra is a conventional Indian cosmic science. It is based on the science of architecture that helps in planning the structure of the building that channelizes positive vibes, harmony. Vastu is a popular and widely acknowledged practice here. With the advent of some best Vastu experts, it has now become a blessing in creating homes, offices, and businesses prosperous over time. Dr. Rashmi Jain is one of the Best Vaastu Consultant in Surat, offers a wide range of vastu related services as per client needs anywhere in the Surat as well as in world.

Vastushastra is another face of modern science. Vastu the science of ancient India, is a traditional system of architecture that marks its root in deep Indian architecture & literature. The various scriptures and texts elucidate principles of design, blueprint, dimensions, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry. VastuShastras incorporate traditional Indian customs, modern scientific theories, and Buddhist perceptions. The design purpose to integrate architecture with the environment, the relative utilities of various parts of the edifice, and ancient principles employing geometric patterns (yantra), symmetry, and directional orientations.
It is said that Mayan is the father of VastuShastra. Mayan is also called "Mamuni Mayan". VastuShastra was formerly known as "Maya Vastu" or "Mayamatam". Some ancient sections of fiction also assert that "Viswa Karma" created the traditional construction organization Vastushastra. Viswa Karma is also referred to as God's Chief Architect for living structures. Both the tales are mythical sages.

VastuShastra is the documented part of VastuVidya - the expansive data about planning and design theories from primeval India. VastuVidya knowledge is a collection of philosophies and theories, that are quite flexible in nature. Ancient VastuShastra ideologies include those for the design of temples, houses, offices, towns, cities, gardens, roads, waterworks, shops, and other public areas. If a property is constructed under the roof of the five elements, this makes the structure a house of peace, prosperity, and harmony. The Five Elements are

  • Sky/Space
  • Air/Atmosphere
  • Fire/Agni
  • Water/Jal and finally
  • Earth/Bhoomi

  • Most of the people in our civilization believe that there is an Influence/Shakthi which is supervisory everything on the planet, which may or may not be visible. This may be governed by the Panchtattvas or the Five elements. These Five Elements dwell in nature in a specific predetermined proportion and are governed by a superlative creation, which is beyond our mortal evaluated comprehension.

    Vastu Tips for the Home

  • The main door is the entry for the energies in the house, keep it spotless and decorated for attracting wealth
  • Keep water-related bodies in the North-Eastern part of your hous. It signifies the flow of constructive energy
  • Make sure to repair leaky faucets, taps, or any faulty plumbing to avoid any financial losses
  • Have an aquarium in the North-Eastern part of the house. it will be beneficial as Fishes help to purify the house
  • Maintain a free flow of air in the house & for a better flow of wealth, wind chimes on the entrances ensure the cash flow

  • Vastu Tips for the Office & Business

  • The entrance of the office should be in the north/ north-east/north-west direction. These directions are reflected to be auspicious and convey positivity.
  • Avoid piling up of finished goods in the north-east direction, especially in front of the office desk. You can keep these goods in the northwest direction, to ensure even clearance of unsold stock.
  • Place your safe in the south-west corner of the office, to keep financial documents. The safe should face the north-eastern direction,to ensure prosperity.
  • The main entrance of the office should be free from any kind of obstacle. the surroundings should be bright and emanate fragrance. A pillar or a tree can also be placed at the front entrance

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