Vastu and Remedies

Vastu shastra is relevant to prosperity and happiness in residential premises, commercial buildings and industrial undertakings. The directions East, South-East, South, South-West, West, North-West, North and North-East are governed by the sun, Venus, Mars, Rahu, Saturn, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter, respectively. In the light of these two aspects, we shall deal with the main and important points to be observed according to Vastu Shastra for the construction of residential buildings, the followings, which act automatically as remedial measures.

  • The puja room should be in the North-East. Avoid it in the South-East and South-West. God should be faced in either North or East.
  • The Bath Room should preferably be in the East. The next best is the North.
  • The Kitchen should be located in the South-East corner. The person who cooks should face the East or the South.
  • The Bed Room could be in the South. The master bed-room is to be in the South-West corner. Avoid sleeping with the head in the North.
  • The Dining Room should also be attached to the kitchen. It could be in the West.
  • The Store Room is to be located in the North-West Avoid it in the South-East.
  • Treasury or the almirah containing cash and jewellery is to be in the Northern wall so as to face south so that it can be operated by facing the North rules by Kubera, the Load of Wealth.
  • The Toilets are to be provided preferably between the South-West. Avoid the North-East.
  • The Varandah, Hall and sit-out could be located in the North or the East.
  • Flooring or the floor level of the house should be such that water flows towards the North or the East.
  • The sump and tank are to be provided in the North-East, North or East.
  • The Staircase may be provided in the Southern or Western side. Avoid it in the North-East.
  • As far as possible, the floor of the constructed building should be a minimum three feet above the ground or road level.
  • A sufficient number of windows is to be provided in the East and the West so as to get sunlight as the Sun is Karaka for health in Astrology.
  • A Tulasi Plant, which is a healthy shrub, grown in the house is a great remedial measure.
  • Avoid growing thorny plants in the house.
  • Fragrant flower plants growing in the house bring prosperity.
  • Rain water pipes may be attached to external Northern or Eastern wall so that the water collected at the top of the building can flow towards the East or the North.
  • Grow plants in the East or the North and trees in the West or the South.
  • Avoid providing the guest house in the North-East and South-West. Provide it in the North-West.
  • An overhead tank may be provided in the South or the South-West or the West, Avoid it in the North, North- East and the East.
  • Perform the Asta-dig-bandhana for total prosperity at the house-warming time.
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