online vastu consultation

Online Vastu Consultation

In this modern world, most of the people do not find time to analyze the different reasons that make their life unsuccessful and stressful. Many of these problems are because of vastu defects, but they do not have the time and knowledge of how to rectify them. Each and every person love to have a pleasant and peaceful living environment as a home is the reflection of their personality and aspirations. You can make your home or workplace a better place with the help of an expert Vastu consultant. A good Vastu consultant can understand the reason for the problems you facing and give accurate solutions and help you to achieve your life goals. My Vaastu offers excellent vastu services in India and aboard. If you cannot personally meet their chief vastu consultant, Dr. Rashmi Jain, you can enjoy online vastu services. She sends the right remedies for your problems through emails or Whatsapp.

My Vaastu-for online vastu consultation
Vastu Shastra is a complete Indian system of architecture which encourages creating a positive environment to live in harmony with nature. Now, this ancient science has got a global acceptance, and people from across the globe started to show an interest in Vastu Shastra. It is true that everybody loves to enjoy a blissful life with a peace of mind and they look for ways to improve them. They can make their life better and enhance their financial ability with the right implementation of Vastu Shastra principles. It is not possible everybody to consult Dr. Rashmi Jain personally and for people who live abroad or faraway places can take her services through online Vastu consultation.  With instant worldwide access, you can avail her vastu services online without the need to travel to meet her personally.

Things to furnish for online vastu consultation
With the advent of the internet, it is easy for people to communicate and pass information where ever they are. More and more people started to believe the science of Vastu Shastra these days and prefer to apply its guidelines in their personal life. If you are looking for the service of an online Vastu expert, you need to submit some detail to get accurate remedies for your problems. The things that you need to submit for the analysis of your property include:
•    Layout plan  (sketch/drawing) of your property
•    layout plan of each floor in case of bungalows

•    Send photographs for better insight, but it is optional (photos of the main door from inside and outside, bedroom, drawing room, kitchen etc.)
•    Send your queries /questions.
How you will get remedies / solutions
Each client will get a customized detailed vastu report through Email after analyzing your property and identify the vastu defects and flaws if there are any.  You will get a detailed report that contains the ‘observations’ and ‘solutions and suggestions’ on a micro and macro level. Dr. Rashmi Jain rectifies the issues of her clients without any demolitions or changes in the existing structure.  With her practical solutions, you can improve your life, maximize productivity and improve the flow of monetary benefits.


In order to consult My Vaastu expert, what you need to do is to dial our number +91 9971610440 or fill in your details at Our vastu consultant will contact you or visit your home or workplace and guide you with the right vastu solutions and remedies after the analysis of the property.