How to attract opportunities at your workplace

Vaastu for Workplace

After enhancing your home it is important to evaluate your workplace to encourage success in your professional field and career. You may have an entirely separate office, sharing office or working in a large factory. It is necessary shastra In each your workplace to be assessed as per principles of vaastu shastra.

Vaastu can help in office environment in two ways.

Vaastu can give an individual to overcome his rivals in career and provide a stress tree environment, harmonious working relationship in offices, factories and industries.

One of the prime aims of any businessman is to make money here is some vaastu tips for attract money & opportunity.

1. An inwardly flowing fishpond or gently flowing water in front of your building, shall bring financial benefits. These water bodies need to be looks after properly. Dirty water creates negative energy which can harm the business.

2. Room at the end of a long straight hallway suffers from marga vedha. This vedha needs to be remedied.

3. Carefully evaluate the front entrance of your workplace. Any vedha to the front door needs to be properly remedies. The door should be of a suitable size should nearly be equal to the size of the other door inside the building. Too large a door allows your wealth to escape. Too small a door constricts the amount of energy coming in. The door should open fully. The entrance should be well lit. It should be kept clean and tidy. Approximately 75% of your business energy comes in though the main entrance while the rest comes in though the other door and windows.

4. The Location and direction of doors and entrances greatly influences an individual’s fortunes. Check that the front entrance faces one of your lucky directions. To enhance your career fortune, use this entrance daily.

5. Place your working table in an auspicious area. Never sit with your back towards the door, Passage or a large open window. It is more important to sit in a commanding position than to face a positive direction. You should be able to see people coming in and going out. Direct physical and psychological effects rule supreme.

6. Protect you workplace from any vedha. An overhead beam act like a vedha. The energy should flow smoothly around the premises.

7. Dark corners or accumulated clutter affects good energy. Dripping taps, slippery floors or anything else working badly and spoil away your good fortune. Sticking doors, hard to open windows or jammed ventilators cause frustration. They Create negative energies and affect your career prospects badly.

Activate your working area. It is good to display something that relates to your personality.

Carefully follow the above rule’s in your working areas.

Vaastu friendly environment in your work place make you feel good and relaxed you will become consequently be happiest & more Productive.