Vastu consultants in Gaya

Vastu consultants in Gaya

Vastu shastra means the science of dwelling. Vastu shastra has been a part of the Hindu system of designing houses, offices, and businesses for the last 5000 years. It helps people to have positive energy in their surroundings. It is crucial to build houses, offices, and start a business for any people, But with the help of Vastu shastra by applying the Vastu Tips any person can initiate their word to avoid any badness in future. There are 5 elements defined in Vastu shastra. The elements are:-

  • Earth 
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air and
  • Space

Vastu consultant recommends respecting the Eight directions, also referred to as God of directions. God of eight directions helps in bringing good health, prosperity, and success in people's life. Dr.Rashmi Jain is one of the Best Vastu Expert in Gaya to solve your any Vastu query for Home, Office, Business, and Factory etc.

Vastu tips for Home

Planning to build a new dream house for your family, then you should seek Vastu consultants for expert advice as they can help to protect your new house from negative energy and wicked eyes.

  • According to Vastu experts, it is strictly prohibited to have a dark corner in your house. They even say it is crucial to have an entrance door facing east to generate a good flow of positive energy.
  • If a house has an aquarium, it is crucial to keep it in the northeast part of the house as they remove the Vastu dose.
  • Use a piece of uncrushed sea salt to absorb the negative energy from the surrounding of the house.
  • Camphor crystals are considered to be most powerful in Vastu shastra by Vastu experts.
  • If things are not working as planned, then you should keep 2 Camphor crystals at home.
  • Place pyramid yantra at the main door of your house as it helps in keeping negative energy away. Pyramid yantra is usually made of a small stone or glass.
  • Wind chimes are very helpful, and they are easily available in the market. Use wind chimes that have 6-8 hollow rods to increase positive energy.
  • People considered Horseshoe as a lucky charm. Placing it at the main entrance door brings a lot of positive energy. Don't place it upside down as it starts attracting negative energy and reduces good luck.

Vastu tips for Office and Business

Finance is the soul of any business. People hire Vastu consultants for their expert advice to achieve wealth, prosperity, and success in business. In India, Hindu people build and design their business offices with the help of Vastu Shastra to create a positive working environment. Some tips for business are following:-

  • Marketing personnel or heads should sit in the north-east direction while facing towards the north-east direction to increase the productivity of the work.
  • The southeast section is best for People related to accounting. Make sure they are facing towards the northeast direction while sitting as it helps in increasing wealth.
  • Keep most important documents related to finances locked in the southwest part of the office.
  • Vastu experts strictly forbid piling up finished goods in front of the office desk.
  • Always keep finished goods in the northwest direction for fast selling.
  • Place a four-leaf clover plant at the entrance of the office as it draws good luck and prosperity.
  • Try to avoid the use of unshaped tables as it causes stress and confusion.
  • The table of the owner in the office should always be rectangular shaped made of top-quality wood.

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