Who is the Best Vastu Consultant in India?


Vastu is a highly practiced system of architecture in India since a long time. Even in present day, a lot of people heavily depend on vastu for the design and planning purposes. A vast majority of people consult a vastu expert before beginning with their constructions. Even if they face some problems because of vastu or if they feel something is wrong with the vastu of the House / Shop / Factory / Establishment / Hotel / Resort / Institute / Office, then they immediately ask for a professional who would resolve all their issues without suggesting any major changes to the structure of the property. A professionally qualified and acclaimed vastu consultant is able to do that easily.

When it comes to our own selves, everyone wants the best. It is completely practical that a person would want to receive the best services that exist. Same is the case with vastu consultants. Who would want to get consultations from someone who is unprofessional or someone who lacks knowledge or actual qualification in this field? The truth is a very few number of people get proper systematic and professional education on and about vastu shastra. Finding those few gems out of the lot is a tough task. It would take a tremendous amount of research to be able to track those few experts that can solve your issues professionally.

First of all, what makes a vastu consultant a best one? There are some parameters that need to be taken care of while selecting the best. First of all, the vastu consultant should have received a formal education in vastu shastra and should be educationally and professionally qualified to resolve the issues or suggest guidelines. Secondly, he or she should be experienced well enough so that no problem arises further in the future due to their inexperience. Experience is a very important aspect. Apart from this, if the person is awarded with some titles, it already makes the vastu consultant best of a kind.

One of such vastu consultant is Dr. Rashmi Jain. She has been practicing vastu shastra for years after receiving formal education in the same and that too as the highest one. Her consultancy is based in Delhi although she does provide her services through her online portal and globally.  Dr. Rashmi Jain has undergone proper education in vastu shastra and holds the degrees of Ph.D. and PGDVSM (Vastu), VV (Advance Vastu) to her name which is the highest ever one can be adorned with. Her name was also included in the list of best vastu shastra experts in the year 2018-19. She is a researcher along with an expert in the field of Vastu planning and interior designing. All of these aspects make her the best vastu consultant in the country.

Dr. Rashmi Jain specializes in offering consultancy about homes, factories, buildings, industrial structures, institutions, offices, etc. She covers a wide range of fields that will satisfy most of the people who want to consult her on Vastu. Dr. Rashmi Jain is known for making slight unnoticeable changes to the property and resolves the issues with vastu. Thereby, these become the reason to her being a great vastu consultant who will offer you the best services. For further details, visit her official website ‘My Vaastu’ at https://www.myvaastu.in .