Vastu Mantras: The Power of Akshara

Vastu Mantras: The Power of Akshara

Mantra is a powerful word or a combination of powerful words, chanted for a specific purpose. Mantra literally means that which attracts your mind, appeals your mind, colours your mind and becomes a key for opening your desired world. Any strong word or a combination of Powerful words can called a Mantra. It needs proper time, place, person, style, tone etc to act as a Mantra.

Modern Science has worked a lot on sound waves. Sound is the ultrafine from of energy and It can never be destroyed. The infinite space around us records all words uttered by us thus. A person full of auspicious feelings transforms his space very qualitatively.

Recitation of Mantras can bestow bhukti (worldly pleasures) and mukti (oneness with the superme god) equally well. Mantras are chanted to remove the ill effects of malefic planets and places or to increase the good effects of benefic planets and places.

Some conditions are to be fulfilled before fructification of any mantra. The main tools of Mantra Sadhana are:

1. Knowledge (Samyak Gyana)

2. Trust (Samyak Vishwasa)

3. Mentor (Samyak Guru)

4. Spaciotime (Samyak Kaal and Sthana)

5. Intention (Samyak Bhava)

6. Posture (samyak Aasana)

7. Number (Samyak Sankhya)

Besides these seven tools, it needs deep thirst for the desire to get fulfilled. A Sadhaka should be patient and keep waiting till the desired results are achieved. Personal karmas and meditation also helpful in fulfilling any desire.


The Most Sacred Direction

In Diagonal Plot and lands the North-East Direction Considered as a one of best direction to built a house.

In Vaastu, the northeast sector (Ishaan) of a property is the perfect Place for a pond, a Swimming pool, a fountain, or just an open lawn. The purest water is available in the northeast sector of a plot. It is the best place for puja, water resources, boring, well, underground water tank and drinking water.

This sector is also considered to be full of sattvic (balancing) energies. It is the best place to offer water to the sun god in the morning. Ishaan is the best place for offering your daily prayers to the god. It is also the most suitable place for meditation, yoga, study of Holy Scriptures, gaining of imparting spiritual knowledge and other activities aimed at attaining oneness with the universal soul. Northeast is also an ideal place for reception and welcoming of guests.

Concept of Lemon and seven green chillies in Vaastu

Lemon and seven green chillies are tied with a thread on the main door of any vaastu to protect it from an evil eye. It is a common practice in north India among the local businessmen to replace the rotten lemon and chillies with fresh ones on very Saturday. Seven chillies are meant for seven days, one each for one day. Lemon and chillies are respectively of sour pungent flavor which remove harmful germs, they act as a purifying agent. The ill spirits keep away from the working place.