Vastu for south- west facing house

South western sector or Nairritya has been considered the most inauspicious direction in vaastu shaastra. Rahu and Nirriti the planetary and directional lord of this direction .

Given below are some simple remedies for rectifying vaastu doshas in the southwest :

  • The extension in the southwest corner brings unbearable difficulties. If southwest is increased in any manner, make it square.
  • Fill up the depression or holes in the southwest with clear sand and make it higher than all the other directions. Keep heaviest furniture in this direction.
  • In the house or workplace, sit with your back to the southwest. To avoid poison (Rahu), keep your face towards amrita (Ishaan, the northeast) to receive blessings of Lord Ish. In this way, we receive the strength and wisdom of our forefathers.
  • The wall of southwestern side should be made thicker and heavier with lesser openings in the form of doors, windows and ventilators. Build a heavy stone boundary wall, fence or trellis in this direction and cover it with vines having thick leaves.
  • Southwest sector of the full residence as well as of each and every room should bear the heaviest load. It serves as a barrier to hold the spiritual force and positive energies entering through the northeast.
  • Narritya is perfect for building a rock garden or placement of heavy sculpture. If there is any natural elevation, mound, high-rise building, or mountain in this sector, consider yourself lucky.
  • Indoor Plants should be of heaviest type in this direction such as an indoor palm, rubber plant or umbrella tree planted in big heavy concrete pots.
  • Chant holy mantras in the praise of Rahu or goddess Nirriti.
  • Departed souls of your ancestors should be pacified with proper shraadha. Keep a garlanded photo of dead family member(s) on the southern wall of this area.