Top 7 Important Vastu Tips & Guidelines for bore well

  • The well should be provided on the North-East direction of the plot.
  • If any fountain is to be provided, it should be only on the North or East side of the house and the distance of which from the main door should be the minimum height of the door.
  • The projected wall of the well from the base should be of round shape.
  • Even an edge of the wall of the well should not be on the line connecting North-East corner of the building and North-East corner of the plot, and the well should be only North-East corner of the plot.
  • According to some experts, the well should be exposed to sun rays for a period of about six hours after sunrise.
  • The above rules hold good for other sources of water like sump, corporation tap, etc.
  • Water tank should not be provided in the North-East or North-West direction.