Important Vastu Tips & Guidelines for Doors and Windows

  • Doors of rooms should be in North-East or North of East.
  • The main entrance to the house can be one or maximum two on front side.
  • In case of main door, the shutter should open inside. If the main door has single door. The hinges should be on the left side, when viewed from inside the premises.
  • The total number of doors and windows, taken separately, should be even in number and should not have zeros in the ending. Doors should normally be on East and North Direction.
  • The main entrance door should not face the intersection of roads and no trees should obstruct the entrance. If the distance between the entrance door and the above obstruction is more than the height of the building, the obstructions will not be considered inauspicious.
  • The entrance steps should be an even number. The number of pillars should be an even number. Similarly, if beams are introduced in any room, or hall, this also should be an even number.