Vastu Colors For Home


Wall considered as our mansion's strength which too needs proper attention. Colors chosen for wall should be aesthetically affective which reflects our own inner self. Wall color influences the mood and style and appearance of the house. There are colors which enhance your mood and sometimes doze you off. While selecting the color for your room people have tendency of running to the shop to buy color without analyzing anything about their room whether it is big or small. So before doing this one should choose wall color accordingly.

Psychologists believe that color influence our mood being very powerful and how much time we spend in our rooms. Yellow, blue, and green colors are soothing and natural which also makes our room look bigger. Black and gray are elegant and sleek. Now a day there is a trend of using contrast in one room, three sides of wall have a different color and fourth wall will have a contrast of that color.

We will now discuss the implication of different colours which will amaze you in all way. Colours look different in different lights and shades.


Red colour is a colour of passion, aggressiveness, warmth, energy and vibrancy. It is a stimulating and active colour, and hence looks great in living room and dinning room. Different hues of red would also look good in rooms as it is as lively as other. Red colour suggests warmth and boldness by giving you confidence. It is more appreciable in the areas where you need energy and it is often avoided in sleeping rooms.

Red colour facts

Some people have red colour as their favorite. This kind of person is extremely passionate about his work and activity. This person never regrets and can stampede the coming obstacles out of the way to reach his goal.


Blue colour is the most universally equated with the beauty. It is the most soothing colour which signifies tranquility and contentment. This colour is versatile in expressing values. Blue colour is generally preferred for larger areas where soft and lighter version is needed. Small rooms are not suitable for blue colour according to interior design.

Blue colour facts

Blue lovers bear a hallmark of gentle and heaven. These kinds of people are calm and serious by nature, they are good friends who stays with you in your bad times and happy with you in your good times.


Green represents growth, nature and relaxation. This colour is fresh and gaiety which makes you feel relax and soothes your mood. It complements with any colour for its universal appeal. It looks great in kitchen where you need to concentrate well and provides your kitchen neat and clean look.

Green colour facts

The lovers of green colour are endearing and enduring who believe in love and romance. They understand you more than any other person and believe in give and take.


Yellow represents boldness, happiness and optimism. Tints of yellow are ideal for all the rooms and make the room look bigger. It is the most natural and powerful colour both in value and intense in purest form. It is perennial in interior design which complements with green and red by providing freshness and gaiety.

Yellow colour facts

Yellow lovers are going with a flow type, if they see that things are not going well, they drift apart. They get doze off easily if they do not get brightness in life.

Vastu For color


Brown is a colour of contentment and comfort. It is muscular and subtle and makes a good choice for study rooms or library.

Brown colour facts

Brown colour lovers make sensitive partners who are open in love and relish togetherness. These people dream more and sometimes reality is hard to believe for them.


Purple denotes luxury, dignity and nobility and makes a perfect choice for the guest's room or living room which may makes your guests feel the 'royal treatment'.

Purple colour facts

Purple lovers are somewhat self centered. Female purple fans are nagging but cool and composed. While male purple fans are methodological.


Orange signifies warmth, action, comfort and energy. Orange would look great in drawing room and living room, but too much of orange would not be a good idea in home. Light hues of orange can use in some space.

Orange colour facts

Orange colour lovers are serious and responsible in their work. Their personality is intense and vibrant. They are great and responsible lovers. Two orange lovers can't stay together and would not make a good pair.


White implies cleanliness, virtue, purity, spaciousness and innocence. White colour in rooms is elegant and creates a feeling of luxury. It goes well in master bedroom which will soothes you when you are tiresome.

White colour facts

White lovers like privacy and never intimate with peoples. In some way they are self centered and self esteemed.


Pastels are simple lighter tints of any colour such as light matt pink, phone colour and other skin tones. When colour becomes so light and seem to give white touch they become pastel. This type of colour is becoming more and more common as they give elegant and sober look to the rooms.


Using neutral colour doesn't mean to use fewer colours or no colour. Low intensity colours which are used for background for other accent colours, features, furniture and objects in a space can be classified as neutral. Light colours such as hue of beige, off white and cream, these colours are generally called neutral colour.