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Vastu for Sleeping : 'Vastu for SleepingSleep' is considered as an accurate and exact state of rest in which our body meets comfort. But a little bit of din nearby your bed-room or stress or depression can lead to ruining your sweet dream. The other invisible and unaquaintant reasons of spoiling your dream are meant for vastu to deal with...Read More

Vastu for Making Food : Vastu for Cooking Vastu Tips for CookingAccording to Vastu Shastra, kitchen is the main root of all problems and its location is considered of utmost importance in Vastu. Wrong placement of kitchen and especially gas stove brings complications in family while the only solution Vastu provide is to change...Read More

Vastu for Yoga : Yogashastra is the foundation of Vaastushastra. In Vaastushastra every Vastu is considered to be a living entity. The 'prana' (living breath) which is the essence of Yogashastra is reflected in the Vaastushastra concept of positive energy flow. Almost all the principles of Vaastushastra can be traced to Yogashastra vision...Read More

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Vastu for Meditation : A separate meditation room may be a luxury for many but a quiet corner as a personal space to meditate and spend some quiet time can be managed even in a small apartment. You can actually create a switch to de-stress yourself with this strategy. Just walk over to your corner and you will feel relaxed instantly...Read More

Vastu for Marriage : An Institution which gives a start to new life, achievements in the form of love, support, and identity is marriage. Our Ancient scriptures have defined marriage as a pious relation and have allotted separate duties for both the partners. Let us talk about some facts and requirements for marriage in a vastu way...Read More

Vastu for Happiness : Vastu is all about bringing happiness in life through balancing the elements of earth, water, air, space and fire. Happy life can be achieved through following principles of Vastu in correct way which also promote peace and prosperity among members of family. Vastu is the encompassing and inquisitive science...Read More

Vastu for Peace of Mind : Peace of mind has lost by most homeowners because of negative energies and sleeping direction which makes an important factor for losing peace of mind. Sleeping position of people is utmost significant because this is the position in which we spend our 8-10 hours. Our bed surrounds with energies and if a person sleeping...Read More

Vastu for Students : Vaastu Shastra can be beneficial for enhancing the educational concentration in students. Some solutions need to be adheared to enable your children to score well and concentrate in their studies. The first and foremost thing is that the house itself should be Vastu complient. Students should face East but those going...Read More

Vastu for Career : Excelled career is important for every person and to achieve high sky one should be cognizant of every sphere of life that can yield good results. Vastu Shastra a science of direction not only renders bright future by making your house and environment completely positive but helps in making bright career as well...Read More

Vastu for Happy Married Life : A happy married life doesn't only bring contentment but adds joy in life to live it for others without constraints even under the hardships. However with the changing lifestyle and independent thinking people have developed different habits that are hampering their married life. Whether you believe or not but married life...Read More

Vastu for Wealth : In the present times, Vastu Shastra is the most commonly used term, especially when it comes to purchasing or constructing a new home. To have a happy and prosperous household you must lay stress on enhancing the positive energy inside your home. Vastu Shastra increases wealth, well being and prosperity...Read More

Vastu for Positive Energy : In today's world of economic stress, competition and tensions everyone needs a place to recharge. Qualities of persons like inner strength, calmness and positive energy tremendously help in fighting the challenges in the world. Our home, which is our refuge every day can help us in regenerating positive...Read More

Vastu for Business Development : Every businessman would like to improve his business. No need to be pessimist. Vastu would certainly is there to render help.They may wonder why there should be a pit in the North-East. It indicates prosperity in abundance. It helps to solve many a problem. If the North is of low level, it brings profit...Read More